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    A cozy home is a welcoming home. Any homeowner wants to set foot on their property and instantly feel happy they second they see it. This is one of many reasons why cottage homes are so popular even today in the fast paced contemporary world. This traditional house continues to be a space that people can decorate to their specific taste without a problem. Many homeowners fall in love with cottages for this and many other reasons. The small size means they’re not expensive to buy so the purchase won’t break the bank. The use of time tested materials such as thatched roofs and wood shingles means that this type of house conforms to standards of beauty that have shown to hold up over many centuries and appeal to many people. Cottages have a long history of providing warmly homey housing for all those who look for shelter from the elements. While the types of cottages vary from place to place, most cottages have certain design elements in common. Such elements can be seen in cottages around the world even today.

    My name is Lynn Anders. As a retired architect I know all about home construction. I love cottage style as it uses the best of all elements to create spaces that are wonderfully inviting. My passion is for the environment that surrounds us and how we can all make our interior spaces just as wonderful as the world around us. ?When I’m not doing that, however, I’m looking over cottages and trying to decide which one fits my mood the best for a retirement home. I love cottages. The small spaces offer people the chance to create a space that is entirely their own. I am motivated by the opportunity to help others love cottages as much as I do. I know that they can discover just what it is about this style of architecture that is so appealing to people in places all around the world. Allow me to show you how you can spend time at a cottage of your choice in a lovely area just brimming with history and full of life.?